Scotland, a remote wilderness. A perfect place to organise a walking or open canoeing expedition.

We start with some practice at a local venue to get you used to the equipment you will be using. This is usually 4 or 5 sessions set over a period of a month.

Then off we go into the wilderness.

We have a number of trips that we use generally for 5 days and each is set in stunning countryside. Try Loch Tay, Loch Shiel or Loch Morar for a start.

What will you benefit from these trips?

Your students will experience one of the only remote wildernesses in the country. They will have to learn to be self sufficient and carry what they need, they will have to learn to overcome adversity when faced with challenging decisions, they need to learn a basic knowledge of outdoor cooking and most importantly they will have to learn to work together to achieve their goal.

Please contact us for more information about our expeditions.