Archery & Axe Throwing

Archery & Axe Throwing

In this session designed for both learning and fun, students can unleash their inner archer or axe-throwing pro.

Using short bursts of modelling and coaching, focussing on grip, proper techniques and perfecting aim, our experienced instructors will guide students through the basics of archery and axe throwing so that they can quickly get to grips with the skills involved.

Once they have mastered the basics, there will be time for games and friendly competition among students, giving them the opportunity to test their newly acquired skills against their classmates and see who comes out on top! We can also customise the session to fit your school's specific needs and goals. Archery and axe throwing sessions can accommodate up to 30 students in a session and is mobile so we can even bring it to your school or venue making it an accessible way for children of any age to try this spectacular sport.

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