Open Canoeing

Open Canoeing

A brilliant way of exploring the surrounding area. Using our two/three man open canoes we will take you on some of the best waterways in North Wales whether that is a canal or a lake or an estuary.

For more advanced trips we can run trips on the River Dee where we'll develop skills and learn how to safely navigate whitewater

North Wales is a great place to enjoy the sport of Open Canoeing. We have a vast amount of rivers open for use and in addition to this we have a number of lakes and canals to hone those skills before heading onto the whitewater. We have a fleet of canoes and can run activities at a variety of levels to suit different age groups and abilities. These start at half day sessions on the canal where the calm, waist deep water provides an environment for younger students to learn safely, to multi-day expeditions where we will teach students all about Open Canoe skills and journeying along one of the areas abundant lakes and rivers.

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