Safety &Accreditation

Safety & Accreditation

We at Safe and Sound Outdoors pride ourselves on our excellent safety record. Having worked with groups and individuals for 11 years in the outdoor industry we have very few accidents, and those that do happen are recorded and reviewed to make sure that we learn from them.

All activities are risk assessed in writing and risk management practices are put in place to manage them.  Your health and safety is our prime consideration and drives everything we do.

We work very closely within National Governing Body qualifications and all our instructors are selected for their qualifications and also their interpersonal skills. Where there are no National Governing Body qualifications available for certain activities it is our policy that our staff hold as a minimum a first aid qualification and another group related National Governing Body qualification. They must also be experienced in that particular sport.

We carry employers Liability (£10,000,000), Public Liability (£5,000,000) and Errors and Omissions Liability (£100,000) Insurance with AIM.

For clients under eighteen years old we are licensed by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority for Watersports, Mountaineering and Trekking and we run to the same standards for over eighteens (where there is no licensing requirement).

All our instructors undergo a stringent training period which includes an enhanced CRB check and also coverage of all risk assessments and company policies.

If you require personal accident insurance or cancellation insurance please go through a third party.

Please read:

While we agree that all our activities come under the heading of adventurous activities and do hold an element of risk and also of danger we at Safe and Sound Outdoors have endeavored to minimise these risks in order for you to have an enjoyable session. In order for us to continue this managing of risk we ask all our clients to inform us of the following: any medical problems requiring medication, including asthma, heart problems, epilepsy and muscular problems and any recent injuries that might affect you on activities.

  • >> You have signed up for these activities and must not push yourself unnecessarily and only do the activities of which you feel comfortable.
  • >> Listen to your instructors at all times. Remember these people have been employed for their skills and knowledge.
  • >> The instructors decision is final and absolute.
  • >> Please report any injuries to our office so we can record them and continue making these activities as safe as possible.
  • >> All jewellery and valuables are the responsibility of the individual and should ideally be left behind.
  • >> Enjoy yourself
  • >> Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be able to participate in the activity.


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